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Moving your house to Fulham

With a population of 87,161 finding a specialist Fulham removal company can be daunting. If you are looking for a removalist in Fulham you need look no further than Magic Mike Removals. Magic Mike Removals is a privately owned company who have been in the business for many years and have much experience relocating both homes and businesses anywhere in Fulham and in the area of the London Borough of Hammersmith. The staff at Magic Mike Removals will closely listen and pay attention to your needs and they are committed to offering quality service with a smile at a really competitive price.

Since the 15th-century Industries such as pottery, brewing,paper-making, and tapestry-weaving has been the life blood of what makes Fulham so unique. They have classic town homes, but be warned taking a trip down to Fulham’s commercial avenue will have you exercising some much-needed self-control. If you do however splurge we at Magic Mike Removals offer services to accompany your healthy habit.

Removals in Fulham

Your belongings are handled with great care from the very first box. The team at Magic Mike Fulham Removals understand that the customer places much trust in the removal company they choose to deliver their belongings safely. Great care is taken with packing, loading and delivering your precious things. The trucks have purpose built furniture pads and have straps to secure the items in order to avoid damage. They also have robust large trolleys so that your furniture can be delivered to your door in one piece. The team at Magic Mike Removals have been trained and are fully briefed to ensure that this happens.

We understand how the moving experience can be stressful and you can rely on their expertise to take the worry out of your move and make it easier so that you can focus on the exciting experience of settling into your new house or office.

Packing Service in Fulham

Magic Mike Removals not only do commercial and domestic relocations, we can supply you with all your packaging needs from boxes to tape and bubble wrap plus they can store goods for you. We are also more than willing to accommodate any special packing and moving requirements.

Smooth move with Fulham removals experts

It does not matter whether you are moving out of your home for the first time or you are moving a whole factory they have a deal which will meet your needs and suit your budget. Their costs are kept to a minimum by way of their invoicing system which notes and bills for your account in fifteen-minute increments.

The staff at Magic Mike Removals having had so much experience with relocating people have some very good advice for those embarking on a move.

Moving Tips

They will recommend that in order to have a stress-free experience is important to be organized and they recommend the following in order to avoid some common mistakes.

  • Label all your boxes, with regard to contents and which room they should go to. This will save time at the destination end.
  • Read the meters before you leave and report to the utility company. You do not want to be charged for services after you have vacated the premises.
  • If it is possible you should do the priority redecorating before you move in. Painting and replacing carpets is so much easier when the rooms are empty.
  • Planning is vital. Keep lists. Phone and internet services can be organized prior to moving in.
  • If you are packing the boxes yourself be sure to finish on time.
  • It will serve you well to be somewhat familiar with the area you are moving to, such as low arches and steep driveways.

Nearly 5000 years ago the Neolithic people occupied the river side near Fulham palace, unfortunately for them, they did not have all the luxuries that Fulham today has to offer. So while you are waiting for the Magic Mike removalist to securely relocate you, you can hop on the tube down to the oldest tavern in the borough “Lillie Langtry” in Lily road and have a few pints and enjoy the friendly community of Fulham.

Fulham really has a lot to offer so if you are thinking of relocating to this borough it will definitely be worth the effort.

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