Getting Ready to Move

Death and divorce, moving house are the most stressful things in life. But with a little planning and our guide you can take the strain out of your move.

Before You Start

  • There’s no point moving junk, so have a good clear-out.
  • Start collecting boxes or contact a firm which can provide boxes, bubblewrap etc.
  • Buy marker pens, tape, labels etc.
  • Be sure to book the time off work.

A Few Weeks Before

  • Tell movers about anything that won’t fit down the stairs or through the door.
  • Double check they know the time you want them to arrive and that they have directions to your new home.
  • Check your insurance. Anything you pack yourself might not be covered by the removal firm’s insurance.
  • Organise parking at both properties.
  • Re-direct your mail.
  • Organise care kids and pets on moving day.
  • Send out your new contact details and ask family and friends for any help you might need.

The Week Before

  • Pay outstanding bills on your current property.
  • Cancel services such as paper delivery, window cleaner, milkman.
  • Arrange for the exchange of keys.
  • Start cleaning your house.
  • Start an essentials box. Put tools, tea, coffee, instant milk and a kettle, paper plates and cutlery, a torch, scissors, soap, towel, loo paper, paracetemol, lightbulbs, tea towels, bin-bags and cleaning equipment in a brightly coloured, plastic box so they are all to hand on the day of the move. This must travel in your car.

The Day Before

  • Pack an overnight bag.
  • Put all move-related paperwork, and important phone numbers, in your overnight bag.
  • Sort and label keys for the new owner.
  • Pack snacks, drinks and toys if the kids are with you on the day of the move.
  • Defrost the freezer.
  • Fill the car with petrol.
  • Check the weather forecast. If rain’s likely, buy polythene to put down to protect carpets.

On the Day

  • Disconnect appliances and read meters.
  • Make sure your vacuum cleaner is accessible.
  • On arrival at new property, read the meters and check utilities are all working.
  • Make beds as soon as they’re assembled.
  • Order a takeaway for the evening. And put a bottle of wine in the fridge.
  • Don’t start pulling boxes open until the furniture is in place otherwise things get lost.