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Richmond removals

Moving your house to Richmond

If you are moving out of your old home and you have chosen Richmond, then you’re one of the London residents who will enjoy a lot of peace and quiet. Out of all London suburbs, this area is known for its green and calm surroundings and traditional English village look. Most of the time, people choose Richmond after they have established a family or they have reached a certain age, because it is very safe and family friendly.

Although the prices for maintaining a home here are higher than in other areas, the benefits are perfect for those who are looking for good schools, wide shop variety and beautiful parks. Because it is mainly a family-friendly area, Richmond has many interesting homes to choose from. However, moving to Richmond, as is the case with other areas, can be a bit time consuming, especially if you come from a large house with a large family.

To save time and bring back the pleasure into moving home, it’s advisable to contact Richmond house movers and let them deal with the tedious process of moving all your belongings from one house to another.

House and Office Removals Richmond

When seeking the perfect removals company for both your house removals and office removals, you should look for a company with highly trained removal staff. This is especially true if you plan on having the company pack up your belongings into boxes before moving them. You will want to find a company in which the movers are highly skilled in packing one’s belongings in the safest way possible. If you have many belongings which are fragile, it may be best to have a professional pack them. It is likely that they have more experience with packing than you do, therefore, you will be less likely to have your fragile items break during the moving process if they are packed by a professional.

However, having professionals pack your things for you may not be an ideal situation. Considering the items you want to have moved are for example household or your office furniture, electrical appliances and equipment, antiques as well as well paintings. Many people are not comfortable with strangers touching their personal effects. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to get a house removals company which is “full service.”

If you want, you can simply hire a company to move your boxes to and from the moving truck after you have packed up all of your belongings. This option will save you money, and will keep your mind at ease if you’re worried about having strangers rummage through your things.

Safe storage

Are you moving from a large home into a significantly smaller one? If this is the case, then you may want to find a removal company which also offers storage facilities. This way, you give yourself a bit of time before deciding to sell the belongings you no longer need. This is also a great option for those who are embarking on a short-term move into a temporary home. Oftentimes, those who sell their homes must be moved out before their new home is available. Therefore, the must set up residence in a hotel or condo for a matter of months. In this case, storage facilities are necessary to keep your belongings safe while you wait for your new home to become available.

Smooth move with Richmond removals experts

In order to find the perfect removal company, you should really do your research! This entails calling all of the removal companies in your area and receiving price quotes as well as services available. You must also take into consideration whether you are moving long or short distances. Many companies will only travel short distance, while others specialize in moving longer distances. If you are planning on moving across the country, you should really consider lightening your load with a garage sale. Hiring a moving company to take your belongings across the country can become extremely pricey, so you will want to prioritize which if your belongings must make the big move with you.

Are you looking for a removal company that can help you in all your moving needs? Please consider Magic Mike Removals. We are the best Richmond removals experts who should be in your contact list if you are moving to Richmond and you do not want to waste hours, even days packing and unpacking. We are a specialized company who offer all removal services across Hampton Court Palace, Richmond Park , Bushy Park , Kew Gardens Twickenham Stadium as well as Ham House among others.


In conclusion, moving to Richmond can be a pleasant experience and families that have settled here are happy with their decision. To make sure you have a pleasant experience, you can seek our professional help of a specialized removal company and have all your furniture and objects moved into your new home safely.